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Duration: 2 Days

Understanding Swift
  • Introduction to Swift,
  • Introduction to XCode IDE,
  • Structure of Swift program,
  • Compiling and building a Hello world,
  • Swift Playground, Basic Syntax,
  • Variables and data types,
  • Structs and Classes.
Getting Started With Swift
  • Working with collections,
  • Protocols and Extensions
  • Generics, Tuple,
  • Functions,
  • Subscripts,
  • Closures,
  • Automatic Reference Counting.
IOS Development Basics
  • Installing xcode and ios sdk,
  • Understanding xcode,
  • Creating a simple ios app,
  • Project templates,
  • MVC pattern in ios app development
  • Ios simulator,
  • Instruments, language- swift, design patterns,
  • Frameworks, design-correctui, applehig,
  • Testing, provisioning, signing,
  • Submitting, using ios simulator,
  • Introduction to pillars of ios app development-tools-xcode.
Storyboard Controllers And Layouts
  • Lifecycle of iOS Application,
  • Understanding Delegation,
  • iOS View Controllers,
  • Creating UI,
  • Introduction to Layout and Views,
  • Designing responsive interfaces with Auto layout,
  • Create a sample UI,
  • Walkthrough of controllers,
  • Submitting, using ios simulator,
  • Debugging iOS application.
Tableview, Collectionview & Various View Controllers
  • Introduction to Table View,
  • Creating a basic table view and data source,
  • Loading data into TableView,
  • Reusing table view cells,
  • Customizing table views,
  • UI CollectionView,
  • UI RefreshControl, Introduction to multiple-view applications,
  • Using navigation controller, Introduction to a master-detail application,
  • Creating a tab-bar-driven application,
  • UI PageViewController.
Universal App, Size Classes & Camera
  • UISplitViewController, Master-detail application,
  • Using Size Classes for Adaptive Layout,
  • Using Camera & Gallery to Capture Images.
Animation, Location, Maps & Social Sharing
  • Animations- Core Animation,
  • UIKit Dynamics, Facebook Pop Animation,
  • Working with Maps- MKMapItem and MKPlacemark,
  • CLLocationManager,
  • MKMapView, UIActivityViewController to perform Social Sharing
Json Handling, Network Operation & Image Caching
  • v JSON Handling using SwiftJSON,
Data Persistence And Storage
  • iOS data persistence,
  • Using NS User Defaults to store and read information,
  • Property Lists-Working with Core data,
  • Introduction to Core Data, Creating models with entities,
  • Saving models,
  • Fetching model,
  • Edit and remove models,
  • Sample application implementing Core data.